2018 NOTL Bike Map - Now Available !

The Town of Niagara on the Lake, Community Safety Committee has been working since February of 2018 to produce the first-ever NOTL Bike Map. The main purposes for this map have been to assist both tourist bicycle riders who may not know the area and are primarily week-end riders, as well as local riders who may need a refresher on rules of the road for cyclists.

 The team faced some hurdles securing funding, getting official mapping completed before getting it ready for print.  However, we’re now excited to report that the map has been published as of August 31, 2018 and is now available at the following locations:  

  • Most Bike Rental Shops in Niagara on the Lake
  • Niagara on the Lake Chamber of Commerce, located at the Court House and
  • Niagara on the Lake Town Hall located on Four Mile Creek Road.
  • Riverbrink Museum (Queenston)


With the funding available, we were able to print  5,000 copies for this first run. The committee is  now in the process of determining what our second print run should be, and to begin fund raising for these additional copies.

Bike Map - On-Line Version - Available at the end of June for Download

For 2019, the committee will undertake a fund-raising drive, the results of which will determine whether the new version will be another paper map or an online version only.

For the 2019 online version  the development  will take place over the Winter of 2019, so we have a final product for the Spring of 2019. Due to icy conditions in this part of Ontario during the winter months, we don’t expect to see many bicycle riders.

Another feature of the new website would be a a series of routes and featured bicycle rides which we expect to have in place by Summer of 2019.

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